What we do

SPOTPAPER ApS is a modern independant B2B company who are sellin and buying stocklots of paper and paperboards in both sheets and reels.

We are working with graphical companies, sheet and reel printers, bookbinders, publishers, paper traders, and the packaging industry. We have marked knowledge and are working both nationally and internationally. We always believe in a win-win situation.

We have no stock as we wish to minimize the costs and the environmental impact that follows with unnecessary transports. STPAPER sells and buys and can often offer a better price than most waste buyers. We want to create value and offers only net prices in order to make our terms transparent.

We sell and buy large stocklots as well as smaller volumes that are not used/binds capital, take space in the warehouse such as lost orders or “leftovers”. The only condition we have is that we must be able to find a customer who can use the material and that is easier for standard goods, than speciality producs and special production sizes.

The more we know the better terms we can offer. Therefore please try to collect as much information on the material as possible:

Volume, Number of units, quality, grammage, sheetsize/reelwidth, core/outer diameter, the age of the goods and if the material has dammages or other faults, please tell us about it.

All purchase offers are valid 5 workdays, all sales offers are subject for sale.